Wearable Technology Changing the Face of Premium Promotional Products

Expect Premium Promotional Products to Eclipse Other Promotionals Because of Their Popularity and Usefulness in Marketing

Activewear_#VRAwhatsNewThe pace at which wearable technology is changing how companies use promotional products is astounding to us here at VRA Associates, and we can’t help but be excited by the potential for these products to take any marketing strategy to the next level and beyond.

In the first place, these kinds of promotional products have an extremely high coolness quotient, and that means they’ll be used. That also means that any campaign around them will have an exponentially greater impact, with the people targeted — and everyone they meet.

Think about promotional T-shirts that change color and design or that can track and report the activity level of the user to a fitness program. The potential for this technology to be used for micro-marketing to these users is huge and growing.

But despite the clear benefits of using these products for promotion, some companies are holding back and taking a wait and see approach.

IMG_3068At VRA Associates, we think this is a mistake, and we’re not alone. According to Business Insider, the global wearables market will reach 148 million units sold annually by 2019, up from 33 million units shipped in 2015. And with the groundswell of adoption of these products, their value as promotional products will only grow.

Consider that one in ten adult Americans owns a fitness tracker and almost half of employers have reported that they’ll offer fitness trackers as part of employee wellness programs. That barely scratches the surface of wearable technology use and growth in coming years.

Talk to us today about how wearable technology can put you head and shoulders above the competition as a one-time event or as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy to grow your company.

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