If You Want New Customers, You Want Current Customers Talking About You

Dentists Are Seeing Upsurge of New Customers with Lip Balm Promotional Campaigns, and So Can You

All Natural Lip Balm-4Dentists who’ve moved past giving promotional floss to say thank you to their patients are seeing powerful results giving premium lip balms instead. Patients love them, and that translates to positive, even glowing, word-of-mouth referrals and new patients. And the same strategy can work for you, bringing new customers for your company, product or service.

Couple these premium lip balms with variable print labels that can be tied to loyalty and rewards programs, and you have a marketing blitz.

The reward in new customers is the ROI every business wants.

Premium lip balms work so well because they appeal to so many senses: the colorful label, the distinctive pop of a lip balm cap, the scent of premium, organic ingredients, the sensation of applying high quality lip balm.

NeonIt almost ought to be illegal to market this way.

But it’s not, and it’s highly effective.

Lip balms aren’t left in the bathroom or shoved in a closet with other SWAG. Recipients use them two to ten times a day and hold onto them up to a year. That translates to thousands of impressions for less than a dollar, and the resulting “buzz” is overwhelmingly positive.

Generate that kind of buzz about your company, product or service. Make a statement by giving premium lip balms that customers appreciate.

Call us and we’ll show how flexible a little tube of lip balm can be.

VRA Associates and its sister company Allard PPC seek to help clients make the most of their marketing investments. We specialize in strategic planning and, if needed, execution of all or part of that planning. We carry out detailed data tracking and analysis to help our clients understand their ROI and continually move toward the most cost effective marketing strategy.

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