Eco_Tote #VRAwhatsNew

VRAwhatsNew – Eco Totes making a difference

VRAwhatsNew ? Eco Tote… This trend setting cross body case made from Recycled Netting helps support impoverished communities providing work and supporting families. Better yet the material is unique and durable. It has¬†adjustable shoulder straps, three outside and two inside pockets. Perfect as a handbag or iPad carrying case and available in a variety of colors. Measures 9″W x 11″H.

If you would you like to know more about ECHO they are Headquartered in Fort Myers, Florida and are renowned for their exemplary work around the world. ECHO exists to reduce hunger and improve the lives of small-scale farmers worldwide. They work to identify, validate, document and disseminate best practices in sustainable agriculture and appropriate technology.

They provide agricultural and appropriate technology training to development workers in more than 165 countries.

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Eco_Tote #VRAwhatsNew
Eco Totes that make a Difference