VRA Associates Offering Three Great Tervis Specials, Just in Time for the Holidays

Now is the Perfect Time to Give Tervis, the Clear Choice this Holiday Season

If you’ve given Tervis promotional products in the past, you know the return on investment in business growth is excellent. Even better is the good will these products engender, leaving a powerful positive impression with clients.

If you’ve hesitated, now is the time to give Tervis a try. In fact, we challenge you to give Tervis promotional products just once and watch the reaction to understand what we mean. Almost without fail, recipients smile big, roll the tumbler or water bottle in their hands and instantly elevate your company in their minds. And that’s what marketing is all about, right?

It’s the art of changing for the better the way someone thinks about you or your product.

Just in time for holiday ordering, VRA Associates is offering three spectacular Tervis specials for your promotional gift giving.

This special pricing is only available through Dec. 9, but if you plan on giving these as holiday promotional gifts, we strongly urge you to act now.

• 16 oz. Tervis tumbler with lid $10.49
• 24 oz. Tervis tumbler with lid $12.45
• 24 oz. Tervis water bottle with the grab it, snap close lid for the active life style, $15.95.

Use promo code #TERVISTOP3.

Call us today and let VRA Associates help you make your holiday gift giving a cinch. While you’re at it, talk to the marketing consultants at our sister company Allard PPC about how promotional gift giving can be part of a powerful, larger and data driven marketing strategy that delivers a strong return on investment.