VRA Associates Among the First Distributors Offering Tervis Stainless Steel Tumblers

VRA Associates Among the First Distributors Offering Tervis Stainless Steel Tumblers

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Tervis is once again pushing the boundaries of premium promotional products with its newly introduced stainless steel Tervis tumblers, and VRA Associates is proud announce that we are offering introductory special pricing from now until the end of the year on these stunning premium promotional products.

As a Tervis authorized distributor — with premium status — VRA Associates is among the first distributors authorized to offer these beautiful stainless steel Tervis tumblers.

These elegant and eye-catching tumblers can be customized with a full color 360 degree UV wrap printed directly on the tumbler, a look that is only enhanced by the polished stainless steel beneath.

Customized Tervis products have always put brand promotion out there in an unforgettable way, in a way that makes them worthy of a double take. But the wrapped stainless steel Tervis tumblers take Tervis elegance to a whole new level — and then some.

These sleek tumblers beg to be picked up, hefted in hand for a feel of the quality and, of course, filled with cold or hot drinks that stay that way longer, thanks to the insulation technology at work. And just as with all Tervis products, these stainless-steel tumblers are shatter proof, spill proof and come with a lifetime guarantee of replacement if they’re found to have defects in material or workmanship.

Since its founding in 1946, Tervis has built an enviable reputation by offering high quality, long lasting, functional and hard to forget products, so much so that they have a large and growing number of collectors, and with good reason. The innovation, quality and values are in every piece the company produces.

If you think about it, Tervis is a natural “go to” for any company wanting to effectively promote a brand. Though Tervis first began offering tumblers customized with college team logos in the 1990s, top brands soon jumped on board, among them the NFL, Major League Baseball, Disney, Marvel and others. These are organizations that think long and hard about what products can wear their logos. It’s no wonder they enthusiastically chose Tervis.

Talk to us today about how VRA Associates can shine a light on your organization, product or brand using the stunning products available to us as a Tervis authorized distributor with premium status.