USB Drives

USB Drives for Education

As Students go back to school your likely to find a USB Drive in that BackPack.

USB Drives have become on of the most request educational Promotional Products that we can attest to. With the most recent request from Pine View School in Osprey, Florida it was another opportunity to delve into plethora of customizable USB Drives we’d seen during our recent Promotional Product Trade Shows throughout the country. The selection out there these days is incredible!

Putting some of our best suppliers to the test here’s a few of their recommendations…

Capacity matters: Don’t go to small. Pricing has dropped considerably in the past years, USB’s are now a Commodity product. A quote is rarely good for more than a week.

Style: The Bracelet style come more into favor (it’s harder to lose!) There are design options in plastic, rubber and metal.

Quality: Ensure it’s a quality product (your distributor will know.) Having the USB Drive die with valuable information on it doesn’t make for the best user experience.

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