Thank You Sunglass Cloth

The Opperfibre Brand Sunglass – Screen Cloth

Here’s a perfect way to say “Thank You” to your customers.

One of our personal favorites – the Opper fibre brand Premium Sunglass Screen Cloth which has a host of other related uses. Highly #reusable – Made in the USA – viewed multiple times a day.

We created the design to be a bit more fun intended to a smile on your face even if your having a lousy day at the office.

Not shown here – an additional imprint of a personal contact email address and personal direct number for even faster response to customers queries and order requests. Who the heck likes phone tag?!!

Plastic Pouch available although we generally nix the #singleuse #plastic

Interested? Contact us on our main line 941.412.0437 and hey maybe you get one of these too.