Show Off Your Brand and Show That You Care about the Environment

VRA Associates “Message in a Bottle” Benefits Environmental Causes and Companies that Support Those Causes

As we close out 2016, we at VRA Associates offer our clients an idea for a New Year promotion that tells the buying public that they care about the environment, while at the same time promoting their brand, product or service.

And why not?

The rapidly growing trend among U.S. and global consumers is to “vote” with their wallets. That means they chose products and services not only based on their own needs but also on the values of the companies with whom they do business. So letting people know where you stand on important issues is just as important as offering great products or services as well as having responsive customer service.

Our “Message in a Bottle” campaigns offer high quality Tervis drink ware, customized to represent your company, product or service. Inside is the message, a card, letter or brochure that targets whatever you want to promote. In many cases, clients focus these on environmental initiatives and to let recipients know a portion of the proceeds from the purchase of the drink ware goes to organizations such as Mote Marine Laboratories and other environmentally focused groups. Or the message can be whatever you like that reflects your company’s values.

At VRA Associates and sister company Allard PPC, we value what we call our “green cred” that we’ve accumulated over more than a decade of working wherever we can to protect and enhance the environment. It’s important to us on a personal level because we genuinely care about the natural world and doing our part to preserve it. It’s also good for business because more and more people care about these things as well.

Talk to us today about how a “Message in a Bottle” campaign would showcase your company as a good corporate citizen. We’re always happy to talk about how we can help businesses grow or about our own values.