Shop to you Drop – Technology #VRAwhatsNew

Shopping Frazzle? Counting down to the last minutes of Holiday Shopping? In the Promotional Products Industry we’ve only just begun.

More Goodies in store for us as the 2015 Trade Show season kicks off in the first weeks of January. Best part is it’s actually a great deal of FUN!

“What’s New?” – Ask any manufacturer or supplier, the #1 question they’re asked at Trade Shows, it would most likely be “What’s New?”

For 2015 though, Mobile and Technology related items will lead the way judging by the 2014 State of the Industry reports.

Future Trends – As computing becomes more personal with Mobile Devices, Technologies that make our lives better and business easier will play a more important role. What the future holds for technology – like wearables, human machines and nanobots, and smart homes and cars?

Then there’s the “Internet of “things,” singularity, no-touch interfaces and natural language processing, how it will change our personal and professional lives?

We’ll hear more about these subjects with Steve (Woz) Wozinak the creator of the most iconic brand in the world – Apple. Steve will be providing insights to the latest cutting edge trends and the role our industry can be expected to play.

For us the Shopping lists continue as well as the frenzy – Keep Calm and Carry on – and Shop to you drop!

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