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Green with Envy – Totes and Backpacks #VRAwhatsNew

We’ve been on the hunt for years for a replacement to the Eco Silk bags which have been nigh on indestructible.

IMG_0023 - Version 2

This year, we found TWO impressive companies that have some of the most Retail, best looking bags/totes we’ve seen. One from Cal and one from CO.

These Totes and Backpacks are lightweight and highly durable with customization options.

If your area accepts Polyester for recycling, they can be recycled. Ours are over 5 years old and have survived numerous washings and overstuffing with groceries. We don’t expect them to be going to recycling for many years to come.

If you want YOUR logo/branding to be visible for an extensive period of time these are the way to go. Need assistance? We’re here to help. Click here to Contact us