It’s Good Business to Keep Your Feet Local and Your Eyes on the Wider World

Think Globally; Act Locally Works for Us at VRA Associates and Allard PPC

There’s a fairly old but very wise saying we use at VRA Associates and its sister company Allard PPC that we think helps us put things in perspective at a number of levels: Think globally; act locally. It works for how we treat people in day to day interactions because it creates a ripple effect of good intention that goes well beyond a conversation. That philosophy also shows up in how we live as sustainably as possible in our homes and offices, so we can contribute to the greater good of the planet. And it shows up in how we make decisions about our suppliers because we want the companies we deal with to hold the same values we do.

It’s why we’ve had such a long, friendly and productive relationship with Tervis.

We think of Tervis not just as a supplier for our business but as a partner in making our community and the world a better place to live. We like doing business with Tervis, which is literally right up the road from our company headquarters, because they’re our neighbors, because they employ our neighbors and because they provide great products and value for our clients.

In fact, our strong, long-term relationship with Tervis not only lets us buy local. It also let’s us leverage deals with this well-known company with sought after products that benefit our clients. How? By offering them the best possible prices on products that prove their worth time and again.

At VRA Associates and Allard PPC, we always prefer to do business locally with an eye toward how our actions affect the wider world. In some ways, it’s almost a selfish way to operate because we firmly believe that doing good at every level, starting with home, brings good things to us personally, to our businesses and to our clients.

These same values are what drive Allard PPC to seek B Corporation status.

Talk to us today about how our values influence our work at VRA and Allard and about our strategies for working as closely as we can with other members of our community. Let us show you how investments in products from companies like Tervis always pay off. Always.