Tervis Tumbler Tervomaniacs

Don’t Be Fooled By the Imitation Tervis Tumblers

Giving Imitation Tervis Tumbler Corporate Gifts — Not the Real Thing — Sends Just the Wrong Message About Your Company

The main reason, if not the only reason, you give promotional gifts to customers and potential customers is to get their attention, to tell them you think they’re special and that you want a relationship with them. It’s why we at VRA Associates always recommend Tervis Tumbler corporate gifts to our clients. It’s the gift that says all those things and garners the most appreciation of any product we’ve ever worked with.

Because it’s such a premium brand that conveys a high level of prestige, we use Tervis not only as a promotional gift but also as an amplifier of other marketing efforts. That’s the case with our loyalty programs that use individually personalized Tervis products to take customer appreciation to a new level. We also use it in campaigns such as “#WheresMyTervis” that puts the spotlight on businesses each time a promotional Tervis tumbler leaves the house — which is quite often with this useful and elegant drink ware.

There are even folks out there known as “Tervomaniacs” because they collect, share, talk about and gather to discuss their love for these quality products. They understand that when they purchase a Tervis, they’re getting more than just a tumbler. Tervomaniacs are nothing if not passionate about their drinkware.

But because of its huge success, Tervis Tumbler has attracted the attention of copycat companies that offer similar looking products but almost always without the level of quality and the lifetime guarantee that comes with genuine Tervis goods.

Imagine your customer receiving such a gift and turning it over to see it’s NOT Tervis Tumbler.

Our only advice: Don’t do it. It’s not worth the savings you might see and actually is likely to work against your marketing efforts.

Talk to us today about how VRA Associates and its sister company Allard PPC can help you promote your company, brand or service with premium, prestigious Tervis Tumbler corporate gifts.

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