Corporate Promotional Gift Giving Doesn’t Have to Add to Holiday Stress

We Have Promotional Gift Giving Ideas that Will Rock Your Holidays

It’s because we care about our clients and their companies that we keep saying it’s never too early to start planning your corporate and non-profit holiday gift giving. We don’t mean to pester. It’s just that we know what happens when people put off ordering. It gets to be too late to do something meaningful and effective. Options are limited and opportunities are lost.

Many companies — perhaps your competitors — know how important it is to treat clients well, especially in today’s highly competitive business climate.

Think about the fact that companies are expected to spend an average $48 per individual client this holiday season, according to the Advertising Specialty Institute. The ASI also reports that internal spending on seasonal gifts is trending upward. Companies spent on average 16 percent more in cash and gifts for employee holiday rewards in 2015 over 2014.

What all this says is that savvy companies understand that generosity pays off, whether it’s through gifts to employee that show appreciation — and engender deeper loyalty — or gifts to clients to show how much you appreciate their business. It’s common sense that this kind of gift giving makes people feel good about working for you or with you.

It doesn’t hurt that it almost always returns far more than the original investment. Premium promotional gifts have a proven track record when it comes to ROI.

At VRA Associates, we’re here to tell you now that there’s still time, and we have some great ideas about how you can use premium promotional products to show your appreciation to employee, clients, volunteers and others:

The holidays are a time for nonprofits to thank donors and dedicated volunteers.
With wanderlust becoming a full-fledged way of life for Americans, travel items such as Tervis tumblers, travel pillows, travel kits and auto shades are always winners.
Ahead of the holidays, companies can share their values in subtle ways by offering premium promotional products reflecting that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s good socially because it supports an important cause, and it’s good for business to let people know you share their values.

At VRA Associates, we have the experience and established vendors and supply lines to make your holiday gift giving a breeze. Contact us today to discuss your holiday needs, and let us help you make the most out of them with the least possible stress.