Food Gifts

Business Food Gifts in a Nutshell

When it comes to Business Holiday Gifts, hands-down its hard to beat those yummy chocolate infused Food gifts and Edible gifts.

Food Gifts
Food Gifts “In a Nutshell”

They appeal to just about anyone and Business Food Gifts rank as the #1 Holiday Gift – We can all go exercise later!
Nations Business Magazine says “Food Gifts are the safest and best business gifts for the holidays”
Recently American Express Small Business Services said… “Small businesses will spend $5 billion on holiday gifts, and half of that will be spent on food gifts”

Some factoids…
a whopping 61% of business holiday gifts are Food Gifts
33% of businesses order during October
46% of businesses order during November
12% order during December (panic mode!)

Food Gift purchasing stats
Food gift purchasing stats

The Top 5 purchasing tips

#1 it’s hard to beat freshness and taste. Many of the mass market executive holiday gift houses have stock prepared for the holiday season for many months in advance. Many of the Companies we select prepare their product on demand and the freshness is guaranteed.

#2 Evergreen (Evergreen? It stands the “test of time.”) We’ll discuss this topic in our next post),

For example, a creative container with your subtle logo imprint can look incredibly good and will be kept for years.

We’ve had clients use a branded (the logo looks like its fire-branded) logo on a wooden custom container. We’ve created anything from trucks to boxes!

#3 Holiday Baskets are an easy solution to be ever more creative and appeal to the discerning recipient with a wide range of selected contents. We use local companies if at all possible too.

#4 Seamless shipping options to your recipient:  We’ll ship directly to your client with the gift packaging you’ve selected.  Provide the mail list and we’re good to go.

#5 We promote YOUR company not the brand it came from. There won’t be any promotional literature or catalogues either.


Next Steps:

Are you wondering what would your logo look like on your Gift choice?
Use this free offer code #YumMe We’ll create a free “Virtual Proof” starting with a few simple steps…
1. Provide us with your High Resolution Artwork (preferably vector, ai, pdf, eps)
2. We’ll come up with some ideas and suggestions
3. With your selection, we’ll have a VIRTUAL PROOF created
4. Show your colleagues and get considerable appreciation!

5. Send us your csv file of your recipient list
6. Place the order…
7. Sit back and relax while we take care of everything
8. Food Gifts arrive… clients shower you with “Thank You’s” and best Holiday Wishes.

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